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The Human Race

Welcome to The Human Race.


This blog is for runners (mostly, with the odd foray into other sports), by a runner.  Although the articles are written by me, I do not claim that the content is, in any way, original or attributable to me.  At times I may actually have an original thought, however, this is entirely accidental.  Even my original thoughts are influenced by what I have learned and read over the years, as well as my own experiences.  


Most of this information is available with a quick search.  I am simply trying to pull it together and give the reader the summarized version.  I hope that you will find these posts informational and helpful.  It is my sincere hope that I can help at least one person become a better runner and bring at least person to a sport I consider to be the best.


When possible, I make every attempt to credit the research to the appropriate parties although I am sure I will miss a few now and again.


Please feel free to leave comments.







Run long. Play Hard

By @botphysioRon, Apr 20 2014 11:32PM

Picture 4 shows poor upper body posture (me in the glasses). My arm is crossing my chest instead of tracking forwards/backwards and the shoulders are significantly rotated.

Finally picture 5 shows a much improved posture with hips nicely level, shoulders fairly square and arms much more forward backward (my elbows are still flying a bit!).

Comments and feedback welcome.

Run well. Play hard.

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